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Green Gold Rockstar 1g


13 in stock

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Green Gold Extracts premium extracts are medical grade and tested in a laboratory setting. Made in Vancouver, B.C.

They are dedicated creators of high-quality products that are delicious and properly dosed. Gathering all of their flowers from local growers in the British Columbia region.

Green Gold purges longer than any extraction company in order to ensure the highest quality. Taste and feel the difference!

Rockstar being an Indica dominant hybrid, is known to deliver some very good cerebral effects, in addition to that, a lot of people enjoy using it since it provides muscle spasm as well as pain relief. It can even provide you with a great way to deal with stress, depression and anxiety. You will be able to acquire nausea and migraine relief from this one as well.

Flavour: Pungent, Earthy, Spicy

Good case of the munchies and locking on the couch are the things to take note of too!

THC: 82.17% CBD: 0.99%


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