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Osuka Miyagi’s Death Touch 1g


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Osuka Miyagi’s Death Touch 1g

Miyagi’s Death Touch is an Indica dominant shatter. It has a Pungent and Earthy flavour.

Miyagi’s Death Touch will help with getting rid of pain, and help insomnia and depression. We recommend this for evening use. Use this when you want to curl up on the couch or in bed with Netflix and just relax.

We recommend keeping Miyagi’s Death Touch in the fridge or a cool, dry place.

Osuka Special is made by BC based Osuka Concentrates, a Japanese inspired shatter company that only uses exotic high end Asian Strains. They work with some of the finest local growers in BC to select the top strains available for production of shatter and rosin. The flower (They never use shake or trim) is extracted and de-waxed in a state of the art, closed looped facility applying Osuka’s years of mastery. Due to strict quality requirements Osuka shatter is produced in limited runs.

The result is something very special.






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