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Our Policies

All members must abide by the following policies and precautions. If any of the policies and precautions set out below are breached or not met, reserves the right to revoke membership and refuse further service.

NO MINORS. We require that all members provide valid identification demonstrating that they are 19 years of age or older. We do not provide products or services to minors under any circumstances.

NO RESELLING OR SHARING. We provide medicinal cannabis products for members only. Any reselling or sharing of medicine purchased through is strictly forbidden. If a member is caught reselling any products purchased from the member will be permanently banned from receiving products or services.

DELIVERIES. We will only deliver to the members’ address on file. All deliveries must be to a Canadian address. Please triple check the address you have on file is correct as we will not provide a refund or send a replacement package if you provide an incorrect address or if you provide an address that includes an expired PO Box.

RESPONSIBLE STORAGE AND USE. We require that members commit to responsible use and storage of cannabis products and to keeping such products away from minors and pets.

LEGALITY. Members are required to sign a declaration that confirms they are aware it is illegal to possess cannabis in any form or amount in Canada without direct a medical prescription, or any other relevant document or license that may be issued according to current applicable regulations and laws. Being a member of does not provide authorization to carry cannabis freely or to transport products purchased via outside of Canada. Membership with entitles access to products and services only.

IMPAIRMENT. We strongly recommend members do not swim, drive or operate heavy machinery if impaired by the use of cannabis.

ALCOHOL.We strongly recommends limiting or stopping intake of alcohol when using cannabis products. Cannabis mixed with alcohol can cause the effects of each to be more intense and increase impairment.

DRUG INTERACTIONS. As cannabis may have negative interactions with certain pharmaceutical drugs, we recommend members consult a physician before using cannabis products with other drugs.

HEART HEALTH. We recommend members consult a physician prior to using cannabis products if they have heart related health issues and/or are already taking medication for a heart condition.

NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES. makes no guarantees, representations or warranties, express or implied, about the effectiveness of cannabis for any particular medical condition or symptoms.

ALL SALES FINAL. All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges. With that said, we want to know if members experience issues with the quality of products purchased. Please email us if you have concerns.